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The Customer: The Valls Group

With several locations and multiple restaurants the Valls Group has been the pioneer in the Spanish community to independently own, manage and build restaurants with a "latin flavor" in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. From La Carreta, (9 of them including 2 at the Miami Airport) to Casa Juancho (The only authentic Spanish restaurant in Miami) and several other concepts at the Miami airport and through south Florida.

Headed by Felipe Valls jr. and a professional team of hospitality connoisseur La Carreta has become the flagship restaurant of Miami along with Versailles the most famous Cuban restaurant visited by many leaders and political figures of the world.

Since the late 80's Felipe and his team had the futuristic concept of applying control and analysis through the use of a point of sale solution (POS). The first system we installed for them was not even a touch screen but an intelligent  POS with Plu. Later in the 90’s we replaced them with touch screens.

Through the years his team became experts in dissecting the business using data analysis and reports, requesting more and more modules to tight the control and the security of the restaurants and to be able offer more and better services to their loyal customers.

Building Solutions

In 2005 the Valls Group called our team to review what was in the POS market to expedite the different services they provide and again to be able to track sales, labor and now customer’s preferences.  Getting a customer to come into a La Carreta locations is the first step in their success, but turning that person into a repeat customer is the real goal. They wanted to insure that not only did they serve the best Latin food but know their customers and their buying habits as well.

We presented PAR EverServe Pixelpoint, a total solution that enables them to accomplish everything they needed. From easy of use graphic interfaces, effortless administration, labor control, etc.

Since then we had implemented an outstanding Delivery system, shift audit reports, Quick Service, tip sharing, control in the employee meals and most important the “data miner” module that allowed the administration to analyze and scrutinize reports in any way they want it.

Managers could not believe how easy was to use it and how easy was to train new employees, they call it the “true POS for dummies”. They also use our free training for new managers and servers that our company offers to  our clients the first Wednesday of every month in our facilities.

For the Valls Group, service, support and response has been always very significant in their selection of products and as Antonio Robles (Operation’s Manager of the Valls Group) said “ we have found in Data Pos Hospitality a true partner, willing to understand our concepts and built solutions for them".

Today Data POS is not only the leader in hospitality solutions but a truly service company that offers sales, support, on-site services, trainings and IT solutions. Make Data POS your Partner.