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Profound understanding of the restaurant business and experienced personnel are the correct choice in the early stages of any business. We at Data POS provide our clients with a trusted alliance prior, during and after the deployment cycle of any restaurant operation.

  • Consultation: From initial planning, deployment to opening

  • Service Procurement: Lights, Video, Sound, Phone, Web, Digital Signage and Personnel

  • Staging and integration services.

  • Field Services: Hardware installation and removal.

  • Warranty Administration: Event notification that maintain your warranties up to date and inform you of expirations and renewals.

  • Hospitality and Back-office software: Point-Of-Sale, Reporting, Full Inventory, Employee Schedules, Menus, Discounts, Promotions, Coupons, Loyalty Programs, Gift Card, Credit Card processing, Mobile Applications, Accounting, Office Programs (Words, Excel, Outlook, etc.), Firewalls and Antivirus.

  • PCI/DPS Validation and Security. If your restaurant conduct credit cards transactions, we provide affordable and reliable security solutions to protect you and your customers from data breaches. Protect your restaurant name without breaking the bank.

  • On-site training. Front of the house and Back-office.

  • On-site Restaurant opening and closing procedures. We stay with the management team from the first day of opening to the first closing of shift. Requires Agreement.

  • On-site POS repair services. We service and maintain all our equipment under or after warranty. Requires on-site agreement. Available Nationwide.

  • Remote Management: Proactive IT Life Cycle management of all your POS and Office equipment. We will rotate the POS equipment to maintain a balanced usage.

  • Installation Services, available Nationwide.

  • 24/7 Support Help Desk. Requires Agreement.

  • Hardware Depot Service including overnight turn-around. If you decide to manage the equipment yourself we will ship the replacement equipment overnight thru the exchange program service. Requires Agreement.

  • Supplies: All your POS paper needs. Rolls, Ribbons, Employee Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty and Members Cards.


Telephone 786-472-5918 as Data POS