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IT Services Resource Consulting Team (RCT) provides computer support to office business, Hospitality and Retail. RCT offers clients the time- and cost-saving advantages of having their own Data POS knowledgeable departmental IT support without having to manage IT staff themselves.

RCT services are provided through Field Support Teams–teams of highly trained IT professionals. Although each client is assigned one or more primary consultants (depending on the size of the IT environment to be supported), the team approach enables RCT to leverage the expertise of all team members to provide each client with the highest level of expertise.

RCT services include

  1. Departmental Computing Support Services
    Typical departmental computing support services include:
    • Day-to-day support of Mac and/or Windows client desktops, laptops and associated peripheral hardware and software, including:
      • Setup and installation of new machines
      • Proactive security measures including DataPOS Desktop tools, antivirus protection, operating system updates, and software application patches
      • Installation, configuration, upgrade and troubleshooting of Mac and/or Windows operating systems as well as DataPOS supported applications (such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Spy Sweeper, etc.)
    • Day-to-day support for departmental servers, and peripheral network equipment.
    • Local Network Administrator support and local network troubleshooting.
    • Purchasing and configuration advice for computing and networking devices.
    • Consulting services for existing computing environments, business advice related to computing, and collaboration on special projects.
    • Support for data backups and restores.
    • Support for Personal Digital Assistants such as Palm Pilots, iPhones, and Windows Mobile Devices.
  2. Extended Services
    RCT also provides Extended Services to clients. These services can be in addition to or instead of services provided by a Field Support Team.
    • Stabilization Services provides dedicated resources to transition the client environment to a support level that is both manageable and predictable.
    • Premium Support provides a smaller ratio of desktops per consultant to allow for more attention as needed to clients, for more complex environments, and for mission critical hardware that requires faster response times.
    • Long Term Projects provides service to clients who have a major IT Infrastructure overhaul and require dedicated resources to complete the project. Pre-determined deliverables and timelines are agreed upon with the client.


RCT rates are based on the number of devices and complexity of the environment to be supported. Pricing for Extended Services requires a discussion with the client in order to determine appropriate costs.

We offer 24/7 Remote Support and On-site service by agreement or Mon-Fr from 9AM to 5PM in Support Packages. .

To learn how  Resource Consulting Team can support your IT needs, please contact Cristina Somoza at 786-472-5918

Detail Services 

  • Network Connections:
    • A direct connection to the network involves more than putting the wire from the back of your computer into the plate on the wall. Your computer needs to be configured correctly on one end, and the network must be ready to receive you on the other.
  • Windows Support:
    • Active Directory
    • Name Resolution
    • Security Best Practices
    • Windows Patch Deployment
    • Symantec AntiVirus Definition Deployment
  • Managed Windows Server Hosting
    • Windows OS only
    • IIS Web Servers
    • Exchange Email Servers
    • MS SQL Servers
    • File/Print Servers
  • Firewalls
    • Centralized LAN protection instead of relying on individual workstation or server protection
    • Control of access to/from specific IP addresses or ports
    • Rapid blocking of IP traffic for coordinated network or Internet attacks S SQL Se
    • Customizable rules governing inbound and outbound traffic
    • Continuous ITS maintenance for departmental LANs
  • Storage management:
    • Backup Service:  Performing a regular backup of the critical files on your computer is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible computer user. Critical files include documents that you create as well as other unique files such as your email in box. Backups are particularly important for original scientific or engineering data—data that can represent months or years of work, and that can be nearly impossible to recreate.
    • Storage: High Performance and Medium Performance storage tiers do not include backup service. Backup and storage are two separate services; backup service is by subscription. The storage team works with clients to customize backups to the needs of their applications.
  • Software licensing:
    • The IT Services Software Licensing department can help you find the best deal for your software needs. Many products are licensed, sold, and distributed directly by our staff. If we don't offer it, we can help you find the best alternative source.
  • AntiSpam Resources:
    • Anti-Spam Filter: This system identifies incoming spam and tags it. The other two options —Webmail filtering and email program filtering — can't work without it.
    • Webmail Filtering: This is the most effective way to kill spam. A Webmail spam filter can filter or discard spam before it enters your Inbox.
  • Wireless Hotspots
    • We can help you to set up a new venue to offer internet access to your customers either free Wi-Fi or Commercial
    • VPN Access Resources allows computer users to access a network via an IP address other than the one that actually connects their computer to the Internet.