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We take this subject as more important than the system currently running your operations. Without the proper planning and strategy the recovery could be as bad as the disaster itself.

Our main objective is to keep the business continuity in the midst of disruptive events caused by nature or human-induced disaster. We focus on the technology system that supports your business functions, the P.O.S. that runs the restaurant.

Recovery planning

Preventing natural disasters is very complex, but a good planning which includes mitigation measures can help minimize or avoid losses.

The importance of ensuring the continued operation of your POS system and their prompt recovery has essentially increased with the use of technology. Statistics shows that any business with a major loss of information, 41% never reopen and 29% close within a year. As a result, for continuation or recovery of your POS system needs to be taken seriously. This involves a significant investment of time and money to ensure minimal losses in the case of a disruptive incident.

Control Management

  1. Preventive management – Target at preventing an incident from happening
  2. Sensing management – Target at discovering unwanted events
  3. Corrective management – Target at correcting or restoring the POS after a disaster or an incident. A reliable disaster recovery plan dictate that these three types of controls be documented and tested regularly.


We focus our strategy in the three Controls mentioned above.

Preventive Management

  • Raid 5. Disk protection technology with mirroring.

  • Local back-up plan. A local back-up of your P.O.S. and a perpetual copy of the database. This is performed unattended on a daily basis.

  • External back-up plan. A Cloud service plan to secure the database and the operational folder of the P.O.S system.

  • Uninterruptible Back-up battery. Power units capable of sustaining a power interruption of 1 hour.

  • Back-up P.O.S Server. Technology implemented in case your server could not be recuperated after a crash. The EverServ® 7000 will get your P.O.S. back on-line, reducing the down time and minimizing loss of sales.

  • Back-up Generator. In severe cases where frequent power outages could cripple your entire business, we recommend a generator. We work with an Energy Service provider, capable of surveying, planning, installing and maintaining this substantial investment.

  • Surge Protectors. To minimize the effect of power surges on delicate electronic equipment such as Cat6 cabling, Remote Printers, modems and other devices subject to surge. Every Station is protected by a UPS with surge protector

  • Remote Care. This service is available thru Par Everserv ™ Remote Care. Proactively monitor your system to keep it running at peak performance. Our stations are built with SMART technology capable of self-reporting the health of the device.

  • Enterprise level Antivirus. By Par Everserv ™ Remote Care. Install, configure, define and monitor scan, manage renewals, create alerts when virus are found, cleaned or quarantined. Dashboard reporting.

  • Single antivirus control. Deployment via Kaspersky AV.

  • Dial-up modem. Credit card processing when the internet is down.

  • Mobile Payment. Using your own Smartphone or Tablet supporting Android we can securely process payments when your P.O.S. is down.

  • PCI DSS Validation& Security. Bundled managed service solution packages to enable and support Merchant efforts toward obtaining PCI DSS validation and compliance that goes beyond the required PCI DSS Standards.

Sensing Management

  • Fraud. Thru the P.O.S. sensing reports that target potential fraudulent operations such as Credit Card, Void, Coupons, sweetheart discounts, etc.

  • Fraud. Unusual "tip" behavior, customer complains about odd charges after they left your restaurant, complains by your credit card processor, too many chargeback Disputes.

  • Video Management. The "catch me if you can" concept. Review only the important events and not the 24hr duration.

  • Uncontrolled Overtime. Receive via SMS or email important information regarding employee’s overtime.

  • Unsettle Inventory. Event-warning advise you of erratic inventory movement.

  • Replace pen and Paper. PAR Everserv® SureCheck helps to make food and the environment in which food is stored safer. Automatic alerting based on corrective actions. HACCP, Sweep Check and multi-purpose.

Corrective Management

  • No Internet. We can configure your credit card processor to automatically switch to DialUp when the Internet is down. You will notice a small delay using this method but the process will not be interrupted.

  • No Server. The EverServ® 7000 will take over your Server and your P.O.S. operation will continue as planned.

  • Times Up. Under Control Management our team could get your P.O.S back in business in almost no time. First contact via internet and phone with a manager, we can implement a quick recovery and review all pending transactions to ensure the proper closing and collection of funds. A level 3 technician will be dispatched to the site.

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