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Data Pos , Inc. is a leader in integrating advanced marketing solutions and Forward-Thinking Point-Of-Sale applications for restaurants

What Distinguishes Data POS from the Rest?
Many vendors integrate and sell hospitality solutions that solve only some part of the service process. Data POS is the only vendor that provides restauranteurs a comprehensive, closed-circle solution they can use to implement a multi-channel business model.

  • Our approach centers in key elements that will bring your restaurant to a competitive level.

  • Customer retention, we teach you how.

  • Marketing tools to guide your efforts in the right direction.

  • Daily warnings that prevents your margins from running away. Gives peace of mind.

  • Prime inventory control to assess your cost and profit margins.

  • Fully planned labor cost to prevent your payroll from climbing excessive.

  • Data POS offers one-stop-shopping for restaurant owners and other businesses seeking to manage complex transaction under different business environments. In doing so they offer their customers unparalleled levels of product integration and support.

  • Data POS's products offer restaurant owners proven POS and transaction management solutions designed to provide a comprehensive, multi-channel transaction and Customer Relations Management infrastructure.